Urban planning experience

Urbanisme Michel Brisson 2013 - today

Title: Urban Planner
Description: Negotiation, mediation, settlement plan, perspective, elevation and preparing documents with the cities.

I work with developers, corporate chains and citizens.

Tim Hortons (Groupe TDL corp.) 2001-2013

Title: Urban Planning Coordinator
Description : Negotiations with cities in order to obtain the permits required to build restaurants. Preparation of the necessary documents for the PIIAs, minor variances, and zoning changes.

I worked on more than 500 new restaurants (Tim Hortons, Wendy’s) and renovations throughout the province of Quebec.

Municipality of Morin-Heights 1993-2001

Title: Agent, Urban Planning and Permits department
Description: Manage the urban planning department for a population of 4,500 residents and approve the issuance of permits and certificates.

I was secretary of the CCU. I updated the by-laws and prepared amendments. I revised the following by-laws: nuisance, signage, PIIA, PPU, tree cutting, heavy traffic and parking, zoning, CCU.

I was assistant to the GM and prepared calls for tenders for repair work on roads, sidewalks, and the development of parks. I also replaced the GM for three months, organised board meetings, and took minutes of the meetings. I acted as election clerk for six elections in eight years.

M.R.C. de D’Autray (Berthierville) 1989-1993

Title: Urban Planning and Environmental Inspector
I was the inspector for 8 rural municipalities and responsible for the programme of renovation grants for buildings such as the Parc, Pril and Pad of the SHQ.

Academic background

B.A. in urban planning, Concordia University, 1985-1988
College-level diploma in architecture, Vanier CEGEP, 1981-1985

Urban planning and regulations

I- Consulting services regarding

  • Zoning regulations

  • Regulations governing urban planning and land management (environment, urban planning regulations, waste management, signage, parking, etc.)

  • Municipal protocols (regulatory amendments, architectural installation and integration plan (PIAA), requests for minor zoning variances, etc.)

II- Advisory assistance to municipalities for

  • Applications for permits (validation of regulations, compiling of file, filing application for permit with the municipality, follow-up);

  • Applications for regulatory amendments (validation of elements at odds with regulations, compiling of file for presentation of the amendment to the municipality, filing the request with the municipality, follow-up).

When you rely on the expertise of Michel Brisson, you’ll get the answer to your applications for permits or zoning changes.